What’re those wings behind your head?

They’re my Tinkerbell wings from many Halloweens ago!!! 

I discovered they looked cool on my wall, so they’ve been there ever since, and there they’ll probably stay forevermore since those things are a pain in the absolute ass to actually wear anywhere.

sometimes my hair is very anime indeed


The Penguin Café Orchestra : “Perpetuum Mobile”

penguin cafe is everything

(via tinyshell)

Top 5 Homestuck characters (or ships, whatev).

i’ll do boTH!!!!

1. john
2. sollux (ehehehe)
3. tavros
4. karkat
5. jake

1. dirkjake T_T
2. roxy/autoresponder TT_TT
3. jade/davesprite TT__TT
4. john/karkat TT___TT

top five anime CHARACTERS :0

oh dang i hope it’s ok if they’re all from digimon

1. ken ichijouji!!!!
2. wormmon!!!!!
3. mirai kuriyama
4. oh dang do movie characters count on this??? then ummm„ movie sophie hatter
5. and heem

and totoro

top five disney female non-princess characters

1. Lilo
2. Captain Amelia
3. Wendy Darling
4. Bianca
5. Mrs. Packard

bummer that I can’t technically put Kida on this list even though she’s not allowed to be an official princess either!!! :(

top five anime

a year ago i wouldn’t have been able to fill up a top 5 list with animes i loved and now look at me ;u;

1. digimon
2. kyoukai no kanata (or as we like to call it, the kyouks)
3. princess tutu
4. princess jellyfish
5. more digimon