are you going to sell the zip bags online too or just at the con ?

I wasn’t planning on selling them online unless I had any left over, but the response has been so positive that I think I MIGHT put them on my Etsy for one week only. That would still give me time to place another order… not to mention help fund it!!!

What do you guys say?


expanded one of my color thumbs into a more finished piece!!!

3 sisters (*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)


"Whatever happened to that sweet kid I met a long time ago who had a dream to take over the Digital World? Okay, sure, it was a sick and twisted dream, but still, we had a lot of laughs together."

I made this print for Otakon but you can also buy prints of it here if you won’t be attending!

guess what i’ve been watching

i dont know what i expected

oh no it’s spreading


Camodad has updated! 

Today’s comic is a story I wrote as a youth. The protagonist is my OC who is a rebel, as shown by her rebellious green one-half-ponytail-other-half-whered-my-hairband-go. Enjoy!

This is the best picture I could get of the sunset tonight, although it doesn’t properly show the blazing hellfire colors. (it honestly looked exactly like that picture I just reblogged!)

Also I’ve always thought that building over on the right looks like a very chunky robot sitting down a couple blocks away.


ROARMANCE  Lightning strikes the antenna atop One World Trade Center, as seen from Brooklyn, on Wednesday.  Pounding rains ahead of tropical storm Arthur caused flooding and a partial wall collapse beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. (Photo: Lucas Jackson / Reuters via the New York Daily News)


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i bet all a y’all have forgotten all about angela anaconda

but you know who hasnt

the digimon fans


Four Freaking minutes

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Kecky Kecky Kecky! Do you have Netflix? They just added the Animorphs TV series!

Oh man… see, I didn’t have cable as a kid, so I never watched the TV series when it was on. I watched the first episode on youtube a few years ago but I think it was too late for me. Plus I never approved of the casting of Shawn Ashmore as Jake….